On the Mac, I use Command+` (the tilde) to cycle through windows in the current application (eg terminal or chrome). It's like Alt+Tab except only for the current application's windows. Possibly for Compiz but without any flashy Exposé like graphics?


Alt - ` and Shift+Alt+` do this by default.

The desktop will map whatever key is above the tab key to do this, on US keyboards it's the ` key.

  • Can you do this with compiz? I can't find the appropriate setting. – malana Mar 2 '12 at 19:26

In Xfce you can use Super + Tab (super is the "Windows" key on Microsoft keyboards). Not sure if this works in other window managers.


In Ubuntu 12.04, by default, Super+above tab does this.


Alt+ Window Number.

For example Alt+1 for first window. Alt+2 for second window etc...

In firefox and chrome you can also use Ctrl+Tab

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