Hey all I downloaded this file (http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/laptop-mode-tools) but can't seem to be able to uninstall it. I tried looking online as well as the README file but there is only instruction for installing, not uninstalling the package.

Attempted solutions:

sudo apt-get remove laptop_mode


E: Unable to locate package laptop_mode

but when I type in laptop_mode I do get

Unhandled kernel version: 3.13 ('uname -r' = '3.13.0-32-generic')

Is there any way I can uninstall laptop-mode-tools?


You have installed the DEB file eg. laptop-mode-tools_1.52-1ubuntu2_all.deb. The version is not decisive.


sudo apt-get remove laptop-mode-tools

If you compiled it yourself from an archive. Goto the source folder and run

sudo make uninstall

If this not work, follow these steps:

  1. Install checkinstall

     sudo apt-get install checkinstall
  2. Go into the laptop-mode-tools source folder and compile the tools again

  3. Start the installation with this command

    (The command installs a DEB package and replaces your previous installation)

     sudo checkinstall
  4. Remove the package

     sudo apt-get remove laptop-mode-tools

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