I installed Gnome3 on Xubuntu. After I install I used the display manager to set the resolution at 1024*768. But after every reboot Gnome keeps going to 800*600.

Fixes I tried.

  1. I made an executable script with Xrandr command to set the resolution right and added it to start up applications. Well at start it seems like it tries to re-size the display but then the screen goes grey for a minute and Gnome3 loads with 800*600

  2. Generated a xorg.conf file and tried editing it and no avail.

  3. Added the previous script to lightdm.conf to run it but still no avail.

Surprisingly XFCE works fine and remembers my resolutions.

FYI I have no NVIDIA or ATI graphics card. I have an integrated Intel G41 chipset with the graphic card.

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