The noise looks like little horizontal white streaks/broken lines that come and go very briefly, remeniscient of a noisey video cable. When I used the nouveau driver, it doesn't happen at all. I tried an older GeForce 9400GT card and it doesn't happen. Anyone else have a similar experience with GeForce series GT600 cards? Should I just forget the Gt600 series?


I am having the same problem (GeForce GTX650 1024MB)! ... the screen noise is actually called tearing.... Since I am trying to use UbuntuGnome so far no fix, but on Unity you could try:

To fix it on Unity:

Step 1

Open up the CompizConfig Settings manager via the System > Preferences menu Click the ‘General Options‘ button and go to the ‘Display Settings‘ tab Change the ‘refresh rate’ to ’60′ using the slider (though higher if you’re a gamer, etc) Tick the ‘Sync To VBlank’ check-box

Step 2

Open Nvidia X Server Settings Via the System > Preferences Menu Choose ‘OpenGL Settings’ on the left-hand side Check the box next to “Sync To VBlank” to enable it

Step 3 To finish up: -

Open Startup Applications via the System > Preferences menu Click on ‘Add’ Enter ‘Nvidia Settings’ or similar for the name Enter ‘nvidia-settings -l’ for the command entry.


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