I have two Servers, Server X (IP and Server Y (IP, both of them are ubuntu 9.1
i have created varnish load balancer on them for my drupal website (pressflow 6.22) I have mounted a directory of imagecache from server X to Y as below

@X:/etc/exports ==> /var/www/proj/htdocs/sites/default/files/images,async,no_subtree_check)

@Y:/etc/fstab ==>    var/www/proj/htdocs/sites/default/files/images   nfs defaults    0       0

also i made this on server X

X:/var/www/proj/htdocs/sites/default/files$ chmod -R 777 images

i tried to touch, rm, vim, and cat> files in images directory that has been mounted on Y and everything went fine.
now, ALWAYS when server Y's imagecache tries to create an image in images directory, the image is created with ZERO byte file size.
anyone face the same before? any idea of how to fix this problem or what might cause it?
Thanks for your help


Thanks All,
i have found the problem.
i should install the following packages on server Y in order to get imagecahe working fine:

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I got detailed Article how to Implement it go through this it will be helpful http://planetghost.com/forums/drupal/multi-server-setup-image-upload-issue

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    While you provide a link which may have the solution to the question, it would be preferable to add some details or the summary of the steps taken towards the solution. – Stef K Aug 21 '13 at 8:58

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