I'm trying to start my torrent client using a cron job. Following is the job I added to crontab file(contab -e)

00 20 17 07 * transmission-gtk

I waited for the time but transmission-gtk didn't startup. but when I try a simple command like "mkdir test". It works. Any ideas friends


You need to specify the display for running a gui application through cron. So your line would be:

00 20 17 07 * env DISPLAY=:0.0 transmission-gtk

Check this guide for more details.

  • * * * * * export DISPLAY=":0.0" && for app in "eiskaltdcpp-qt" "transmission-gtk" "nicotine";do ps aux|grep -v grep|grep "$app";done||"$app" & ________________________________________________________________________________________Anyone knows please why this cronjob does not launch the transmission please? only @Ashish command worked.. Other apps from that command it launch, but not transmission, even ps aux autput is empty and the command after pipes i correct. – 16851556 Nov 15 '20 at 9:45

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