I've recently been asked to help out a friend with some server and website issues they have been having, nothing major really.

However I found out that since the day they got their VPS everything, including uploading files, installing wordpress, all FTP, everything has been done through root.

So I am wondering what is the best way to fix everything to make it more secure?

The reason im asking is because im assuming its more than just make a new non-root user to use for day to day stuff? Due to how everything has been set up and ownerships already with every other file etc


That is a bad mess.

  • I think you should create three users: one for day-to-day use (lets call this user, one for the web server (usually one is created when you install Apache, usually called www-data) and one for the FTP server (call this ftp), all with accompanying groups of the same name.
  • Add user to both www-data and ftp groups. chown the web directory to be owned by user:www-data, and make it setgid and setuid (chmod ug+s). Do the same for the FTP upload directory, but with user:ftp.
  • If the FTP upload and Wordpress media directory are the same, make a third group with all three users in it (call it upload, and chown the directory user:upload.
  • The web server is usually running as www-data, unless they deliberately went and changed it. You will have to configure the FTP server (usually vsftpd) to run as the ftp user.
  • Make sure all the relevant directories are setgid so that they inherit group permissions. You can make the setuid as well. (Only the directories, note!)
  • Restrict day to day stuff to user. Make sure www-data does not have write permissions where it has no business having them.

Beyond this, I am not really qualified to give security advice.

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