How to hide a particular administrator account from user accounts in system settings? I need it for security reasons. Is it possible?


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The accounts shown in the user accounts dialog are those with a UID in the range UID_MIN to UID_MAX. System accounts are those with uids in the range SYS_UID_MIN to SYS_UID_MAX. These constants are defined in /etc/login.defs.

If you don't want an account to show up in the dialog, create it as a system account:

adduser --system [...] username

If the user account already exists, you could reassign its uid to one in the system range:

usermod --uid 999 username

Note however, that hiding an account from the user accounts dialogue buys you no security whatsoever. The exact same information can be obtained using a simple cat /etc/passwd. Obscurity is not security.

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