How to make qbittorent download episode as soon as it's out there? what are rss rules for instance? I'm kinda lost on that section

I don't want to download previous episodes, otherwise I'll end up downloading trillions of mythbusters videos.

I get feed from http://showrss.info

Edit, I learnt one thing or two from here but not everything so my question still stands, I have yet to figure out how to ignore previous episodes.

I want to download small files from eztv, usually they are something like .LOL.HDTV and the episode is around 230mb, I don't want to download 1gb episodes.

For example if you go to 24 and click Episode 12 Day 9: 10:00 PM-11:00 AM

the torrent I download 24 S09E12 HDTV x264-LOL[ettv]


This seems to be an old bug in qBittorrent client which is not yet marked as fixed. Look at Automated download from RSS problematic and here

So here are a couple of routes you could try to get those torrents:
1. Use KTorrent with the Syndication plugin. You can define filters ( .LOL.HDTV ) and how ofter you want to refresh the rss (like qBittorrent.) And afaik this does not have the qBittorrent bug.
2. If you must stick to qBitTorrent, then taking a cue from the 2nd link above, you could
a.) first setup FlexGet

b.) List items you want to download into a configuration file. Here's a good tutorial for it. This tutorial uses the same showrss site as you want.
Basically, here you provide a folder where all .torrent files would be downloaded, e.g. ~/.torrent

c.) the init the flexget flexget --initdb

d.) In your qBittorrent settings, select automatically select torrents from ~/.torrent.

e.) Schedule flexget to run every few minutes and along with it start the qbittorrent client. This can be done using Gnome-Schedule and a simple script file rss.sh. Put the below content in the rss.sh file:

/usr/local/bin/flexget #start flexget to download all .torrent files from rss
export DISPLAY=:0.0 #required to run gui apps such as qBitTorrent
/usr/bin/qbittorrent #run qb, which will pick up .torrent files from the ~/.torrent folder

In gnome-schedule, set the above script file. And you are good to go. Here's the tutorial for the last part.

Make sure that crond service is set to run on bootup and you are good to go.

  • could you explain a bit about ktorrent feed filter? I tried adding this filter HDTV x264-FUM[ettv] to mythbusters series showrss.info/feeds/46.rss, doesn't seem to work – Lynob Jul 22 '14 at 0:16
  • This link gives out magnet links. Magnet links do not show full filename until a peer connects to it. Hence, KTorrent or any other client can only filter out based on the Title provided in the RSS feed. The filter HDTV x264-FUM[ettv] will not work. Instead, you can use a torrent downloader like Vuze with RSSFeed Scanner plugin which allows filtering by max size. – Ashish Jul 22 '14 at 19:06

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