What is the difference between apt-cache and axi-cache?

Because It seems they gives same result. Also It has same options like:

  • axi-cache search, apt-cache search
  • axi-cache show, apt-cache show
  • axi-cache depends, apt-cache depends
  • axi-cache showpkg, apt-cache showpkg etc.

From man apt-cache:

apt-cache - query the APT cache

& From man axi-cache:

axi-cache - query the Apt Xapian Index

So, What is difference in APT cache and APT Xapian Index ?

What is Xapian Index (stand for, how used, how differs with apt-cache)?


Basically, apt-cache only shows the package name and its description. axi-cache shows the number of results found, more terms and more tags; all in all it means a more complete description. By using axi-cache your chances to find what you are looking for are better because of the more detailed info.

  • I have not heard of axi-cache, until now, I'll look it up for myself but it sounds to me, from your answer, that it is like aptitude, which is what I use to search for packages. aptitude search mesa returns all of the mesa packages. aptitude search trusty returns all packages with trusty in name. – SudoSURoot Aug 16 '14 at 17:11
  • I was right, although there is a lot more to axi-cache... axi-cache search trusty returns the packages with trusty in the name, just as aptitude... except aptitude lists them all at once, you must enter axi-cache more to see second, third, fourth pages (and so on). It is interesting, learn something new daily... many axi-cache commands refer directly to apt-cache front-end commands (see: axi-cache --help), but you can do axi-cache last 5 to see last 5 searches or queries again. – SudoSURoot Aug 16 '14 at 17:20

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