In Xubuntu's keyboard layout settings, if I choose "Bruk systemstandardene" (Use system standard) for my keyboard layout, I get the Norwegian "no" layout with deadkeys (same as setxkbmap no it seems). The key to the left of backspace gives me \, but with shift it gives a dead "`".

But if I want several keyboard layouts, there's only Norwegian without dead keys in the list (while e.g. Mac and Northern Saami variants both have with and without-versions): why no standard Norwegian with dead keys

Is this a bug? Where's Norwegian "no" with dead keys? It's obviously on my system since it's the system standard.


Figured this out as I was asking.

It's possible to click the category itself, ie. the line above "Northern Saami (Norway)" in the screenshot.

(Not quite obvious, since it's quite a stretch to call e.g. Northern Saami a variant of Norwegian …)

  • Your ask and answer time is same. I think you wanted to share a finding. Accept the answer to help the site – Anwar Nov 19 '16 at 12:31

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