Perhaps I should ask this question in the Game Development QA. But I am using the Löve2D Engine on Ubuntu 14.04, and this is technically an OS management situation, so here it goes:


The current version (the one I installed) is 0.9.1, but some projects will only run with version 0.8.*. I know I can install different versions of the engine.


How do I install another version alongside the current one?

And how do I switch between versions?


Love uses same package name for different major versions. I don't know what's the point from using update-alternatives if two version can not be installed directly through package manager. I think this should be reported as a bug.

As you have v0.9.1. Let's add v0.8.0 available in Ubuntu repository.

  1. Download it

    sudo apt-get download love
  2. Extract it

    dpkg-deb -x love_*.deb tmp/
  3. Copy to bin/ folder and install it as alternative

    bin_name=`ls tmp/usr/bin/`
    sudo cp tmp/usr/bin/$bin_name /usr/bin/
    sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/love love /usr/bin/$bin_name 5

To switch:

  • either using love-0.8 or love-0.9 explicitly
  • or change using:

    sudo update-alternatives --config love

    May be easier if you create an alias. then love will point to the to chosen version

To check current setting:

update-alternatives --query love
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    Your answer was not only insightful, but nicely laid out. Thanks. – sargas Jul 13 '14 at 22:18

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