I have 2 Ubuntu 11.04 PCs (desktop and laptop), both synced via U1. Recently I completely rebuilt the user account (completely deleted the home directory) on one of the two (the desktop), and now I have to resync. Problem is that the PC is on a slow connection and I have difficulties resyncing the 14gb of data. Of course I have the opportunity of moving it to a place where the connection is faster, but it's not comfortable, and it will take some time. Since the laptop is in sync with the account I was wondering if stopping the service and copying the files + some database (which files is the question) could let me avoid resyncing everything.....


Yes, simply copy all of your laptop's files to an external flash/hard drive, then mount it on your desktop and transfer the data over that way. It is much faster, but then I'm not sure whether you would have such a drive handy.

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  • This is exactly the way to do it. I do this even with a good connection. Backup machine 1's U1 files, copy them over to machine 2, then sign in to U1 on machine 2. By far the fastest solution. – Tom Brossman Mar 31 '12 at 17:12

You could give this a try.

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