I'm trying to install ubuntu onto an old laptop as a second os. I've successfully done this before but yesterday the drive got corrupted and I lost everything. I'm in the process of reinstalling the oses I had installed but when I go to install ubuntu, it says there are no recognized install operating systems. i have almost 2/3 of the disk as unallocated space with windows 7 on a 75G partition. what could be wrong?


You did not boot the installer into UEFI mode. I had no luck doing so, but I can change the bios. Give me the brand of laptop you have if you wan't to do so.

If you do not wan't to do so, do the following:

In the installation option menu, click "Something Else" Once opened, create a new ext4 partition in the unallocated space and mount it at /

It should look something like this
Continue with the installation, and voila!

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  • i have a dell XPS-M1330 i know how to change the bios myself so i will do that. – user304263 Jul 10 '14 at 14:37

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