I've been using Record My Desktop for a while but a "problem" shows up. Today I have two monitors. One monitor extend another, but RMD when is capturing my desktop, records the entire desktop which means the capture of both monitors.

Is there a way to record only one monitor with Record My Desktop? If this is not possible, what software can I use to capture only one monitor (desktop), main one for example?

Just for comparison, on Windows there is a software called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) wich have the options to separate the capture. I know they are working on a multiplatform software (OBS Studio). But for now, it's not avaliable.


From the Record My Desktop website, you can apparently select a window to record, an area of the screen to record, or the entire desktop. For what you are trying to do, I would set an area to record equal to the one monitor that you want to record.

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    Just one more info. After installed Record My Desktop, I needed to install the GUI for Record My Desktop. The package is gtk-recordmydesktop sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop. Tks! – humungs Jul 10 '14 at 16:31

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