I've setup my screenlets exactly the way that I want them, but I don't have a quick access to any of them. The screenlet config offers me the following : keep above,below, sticky, locky, widget.

Out of these only treat as Widget seems to be of any use here. I just looked at this in detail and thought it was what I was looking for. It might have been a workaround for the issue (instead of minimizing I would just press F9. But this means that the widget hides itself from the normal desktop, which is not what I want.

What I want is that on pressing Ctrl+Alt+D or Super+D, I should see the desktop with my screenlets there. I don't want them to minimize with the rest of the windows.

As a final struggle, I've thought of a solution using compiz to declare the screenlet windows as non-minimizing, but surely there must be a better way than that. (Instructions for this would be helpful as well - I'm not sure what to enter in the rule matches)

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  1. Install the package compizconfig-settings-managerInstall compizconfig-settings-manager if you haven't already.

  2. Open CompizConfig Settings Manager and click General Options.

  3. Uncheck Hide Skip Taskbar Windows.

    enter image description here

  4. Now hitting Ctrl+Alt+D or Super+D won't minimize your screenlets:

    enter image description here

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