I am using xubuntu atm and my biggest issue is, that ristretto show pictures in 100% zoom.
When I run a slideshow, I want it to expand to full screen.
I can only enable that for one picture at a time, and this gets reset if I switch to antother picture.

  • My absolutely preffered kind of answer is, how to enable that within ristretto. An alternative would be an image viewer with few depencies but nice integration. Jul 19 '14 at 7:06

I do not use Ristretto (a little at my Linux life start only) and people often suggest "eliminate this utility" (quote). And despite this fact if I right figure out you need to know where exist such checkbox alike first at Ristretto Menu > Edit > Preferences:

enter image description here

I think more settings for Ristretto you can find at Settings Editor (xfconf GUI), and you can see ristretto exists at settings channels list:

enter image description here

Alternatively I do not know what to suggest. If I'll needed to use XFCE I'll chosen Feh which also lightweight also image also viewer however Feh it is "barebone" image viewer and can be a bit difficult for plain user.

So, look if interesting Feh

Hope it help you.

  • The first suggestion doesn't work on my xfce 4.12, it just opens risettro in full screen, with a tiny image in the middle. I can zoom to fit, but the next image doesn't work. #2 didn't have any options of risettro. @didn't try the third.
    – MeowMeow
    Jan 12 '19 at 21:43

Settled on mirage; it has features of risttreto plus a lot more customizability, including remembering last settings - both on next image, and on next open.

package-manager install mirage

Tried viewnoir, but it no thumbnail preview is a dealbreaker.


OK, I was looking for this in ristretto, but I gave up. Don't know how to set stretching image to screen without clicking it at every image. Shotwell also was beyond my skills.

However, I may found satisfying solution for your needs.

To create presentation with stretched and fitted images simply run vlc (which I consider to be basic video player on every computer) hit ctrl+shift+O and add image files you want to be in slide show.

Tricky thing is duration of single slide: hit ctrl+P mark Show settingsAll and then go to: Input/CodecsDemuxersImageDuration is seconds (by default 10 seconds).

If you want to infinitely repeat presentation, just hit loop button.

Hope it helps.

  • Thanks, this worked well for me. Shotwell has removed the slideshow feature. At least, I can't find it in 16.04. And EOG can only delay for up to 90 seconds between images. Aug 29 '17 at 17:18
  • If you haven't found another solution, the package mirage is a huge upgrade over rissetro, with the same ui.
    – MeowMeow
    Jan 12 '19 at 21:49

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