I have a box running at DigitalOcean with Ubuntu 12.04

It's rare that my system will boot or takes forever - normally it just hangs / chokes. A reboot from a remote shell used to be pretty quick and I could reconnect within 10 seconds or so. Here's screens shots of where it gets to:

Hang Image Compilation

I have been told that such may happen after a kernel upgrade if their "hypervisor" doesn't have that kernel and that it may require manual setting from DO's support.

I had them mount their ArchLinux recovery disk and checked out the system's /lib/modules: I've been told these are the supported kernels that Ubuntu can run with.

Directory /lib/modules

I set my kernel to: ubuntu 12.04 x64 vmlinux-3.8.0-42-generic From DO's droplet settings.

I'm still getting the above hangs and some of the images above were after such.

  • I am wondering, why the DOROOT clean, shows a diff number of files and/or blocks on the partition every-time. Just to be sure, I would do a fsck from the recovery mode on the root partition to make sure its fs is in consistent state. – askb Jul 9 '14 at 6:38

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