I am struggling to get this to work properly.

This works in terminal

sudo bindfs -u dave /media/dave/Documentary2Lin/RAIDMain/Documentary2 ~/shares/Documentary2

How do I get this to work in fstab?

I've tried

/media/dave/Documentary2Lin/RAIDMain/Documentary2 ~/shares/Documentary2 fuse.bindfs force-user=dave perms=a=rX 0 0

It gives an error in fstab

  • ~/shares/Documentary2 shouldn't be relative path, all paths in fstab should be absolute (full) paths.
    – user.dz
    Commented Oct 2, 2014 at 14:54

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I finally solved this by using the Upstart system to run all of my bindfs scripts after the file system has loaded.

Create a file:


With contents like:

description "Remount directories with different permissions"

start on stopped mountall 

  bindfs -o force-user=dave perms=a=rX /media/dave/Documentary2Lin/RAIDMain/Documentary2 /home/dave/shares/Documentary2
end script

According to the extensive and detailed how-to on Ubuntu Forums the correct syntax is something like this:

bindfs#/media/dave/Documentary2Lin/RAIDMain/Documentary2 /home/dave/shares/Documentary2 fuse force-user=dave perms=a=rX 0 0

But this does not work unless the shared directory is in the root partition.

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