I am currently running Ubuntu 12.04, with Deja Dup 22.0.

I would like to update Deja Dup to later releases so I can utilize the integrity check feature for the backups, as suggested here: (How can I test the integrity of a backup made with Backup (Deja Dup)?)

However apt-get install --only-upgrade deja-dup, states that I already have the newest version (22.0). What is the optimal way to safely upgrade Deja Dup to newer versions on Ubuntu 12.04?

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According to http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=deja-dup, 22.0 is the current version available for precise. All the newer ones are for newer releases. The Launchpad page for Deja Dup says that there are two options: the official repository, or a daily PPA. I don't recommend a daily PPA for something critical like a backup utility. However, it looks like the daily PPA hasn't been updated in months, so it might be missing bug fixes, or it might be perfectly stable. You can perhaps get the source package for trusty and the relevant dependencies and build your own package. Unfortunately that does not look like an easy task, since v30.0 depends on a much newer version of libc6.

  • Thanks for the help. In the question I linked, the user was on 11.10, which made it seem like there was a safe and easy way to upgrade Deja Dup to newer versions. I'll look into another way of testing the the backups for Deja Dup.
    – mrl
    Jul 10, 2014 at 18:58

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