I want to scale page in pdf file. In other words I want to change in Height & width of page in pdf file.

How do I do that?

Note: This question is not about scale page during/for printing!

Also visit Question about combine two pages in pdf.

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    see this and use cpdf -scale-to-fit a4portrait in.pdf -o out.pdf to solve your problem Commented Jul 7, 2014 at 13:39

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I wanted to have my DIN A4 document upscaled to DIN A3. On my computer at work, I don't have pdfpages installed, but I do have pdfjam, so here is an alternative solution for that particular case:

pdfjam --a3paper input.pdf -o output.pdf


PDFPoster (Not a GUI app)

This will scale a pdf file.

sudo apt-get install pdfposter

Scaling can be done with following command:

pdfposter -s[SCALING RATIO] [INPUT].pdf [OUTPUT].pdf

Example: pdfposter -s4 input.pdf out.pdf

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