I work a lot in vim and the thing that frustrates me is when I have to switch to the shell, that I lose a lot of the keyboard control that vim has.

For example I have to use home and end to get to beginning and end of the line.

How do you deal with this annoyance?


According to the Bash manual, Bash natively supports a "vi-style command line editing interface". To use it, add set -o vi to your ~/.bashrc file.

By default you'll be in input mode; press Esc to enter command mode. This cheatsheet lists the commands available to you.

  • That's so awesome. – Pickels Jun 17 '11 at 14:29
  1. Use Home and End in Vim too.
  2. Learn all the shortcuts there are in the shell.

Usually, Ctrl-A and Ctrl-E go to the beginning and end of the line, respectively. You can define any number of shortcuts in your .inputrc file, and even switch to vi-mode. Try man bash and look for READLINE.

  • By default bash uses emacs text editing mode. You can set it to vi-mode as ændrük, if you're used to vi that's probably easier. – Niels Bom Jan 13 '12 at 11:38

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