I recently installed the Lubuntu Desktop and I can't start the Power Manager. It returns the question:

Xfce4 Power Manager is not running, do you want to launch it now?

but when I click Run, it does nothing.

Running xfce4-power-manager from the terminal, even as superuser (i.e. sudo xfce4-power-manager), does absolutely nothing. What's wrong?


Thats normal behavior of xfce4-power-manager, if you get no response after you run this command the process is started. You can check it with this command:

ps aux | awk -v s="xfce4-power-manager" 'NR>1 && $11~s' 

the output should be something like this:

username      8223  0.0  0.8  33344  4148 ?        Ssl  10:23   0:00 xfce4-power-manager


If you want to change the settings of the xfce4-power-manager you have to run:



xfce4-power-manager --customize

But its not normal that xfce4-power-managerdoes not autostart...

To autostart xfce4-power-manager this should help: Lubuntu: How do I autostart xfce4 power manager?

This could be also helpfull : xfce4-power-manager is not running by default with Lubuntu 13.10 (Bug)

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