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Edit: it's still problematic because the names aren't very descriptive. Based on past values (from Windows) I can sort of deduce what is what, but it's still uncertain. The problem is that the reading names are not descriptive. I'll open a new question for that though.

I'm trying to read my temprature sensor values using Xsensors and Psensor, but both programs only show a single value - what I suspect to be the CPU core temperature.

Here's a screenshot to illustrate:

enter image description here

I would like to also see:

  • GPU temperature
  • CPU socket temperature
  • disk drives temperatures
  • fan speeds if possible
  • etc - everything programs like HWMonitor can show on Windows basically

How can I achieve that?

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You have to run sudo sensors-detect, answer yes to all the questions (including the one about writing it to /etc/modules), and then run sudo service kmod start, and reboot.



screenshot of working programs showing the values

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