This question is in reference to another question that has not been answered. When I upgraded Ubuntu, all my PPAs were removed (which I'm ok with). Is there a way to list all the packages that no longer have a repository associated with them?


APT refers to these packages as "obsolete".

Evidently there is no direct way to list these, but you could do:

aptitude search '~o'

Or alternatively:

apt-show-versions | grep 'No available version'

Source: How do I get a list of obsolete packages?

If you want a GUI tool you can do this with Synaptic by using the built-in "local or obsolete" filter.

  • Really thanks for posting the Synaptic solution. For some reason, aptitude is not listing all of the packages without a repository. – Sepero Jul 4 '14 at 9:47

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