I want to find alternative icons for nautilus folder.

I don't want to find application or something else icons But Icons for Folders only (In other words Alternative Nautilus folder/directory icons.)

Where it is located (if provided)? or I have to download?

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1) Open Nautilus

In Nautilus file browser, right click a folder icon, select Properties.

2) Edit Icon Settings

Under the Basic tab, click the icon image to open up the “Select Custom Icon” window.

3) Search for Icon Image

In the Location field, type /usr/share/icons, press Enter. (You can hide or unhide the Location field by clicking the Edit button on the top-left of the window.)

Watch this subfolder as well: /usr/share/icons/Humanity/emblems/48/

4) Choose Icon Image

Browse and select an icon you want.

5) Save Changes

Click the Open button on the bottom-right of the window to confirm.

6) Close Properties window

Click the close button to close the properties window and finalize the new settings.

Also have a look at applications icons /usr/share/app-install/icons/

You can alternatively download and set what you like, for example from here:


Here are some example icons can be downloaded:

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

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