I'm somewhat inexperienced with Linux. I'm having quite a hard time booting Ubuntu 14.04 along side Windows on my Vaio Pro 13. I've tried using every method I've found on forums but no matter what, I cannot boot the Ubuntu installation after the install.

I can boot off of the Live USB and perform a successful installation, but when I reboot, the computer boots into Windows right away. After looking through the EFI partition I can see the entries that Ubuntu (and other linux distros I tried installing) but somehow they're all bypassed and Windows boots right up.

I can boot off of the usb flash drive to install Ubuntu on the machine and the installation succeeds without mistakes.

My question is, once I do install Ubuntu on a partition on the SSD, can I install grub to a USB flash drive and boot into the Ubuntu installation that way?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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