Can anyone please advise me on how to open a pwd protected http stream from CLI in vlc?

I checked out the --help and man pages, but they seem to offer only syntax for opening ftp, rmt and smb pwd protected streams (and http-proxy), but not http. Or there is some walk around solution I am not thinking of?

What I have tried already:

cvlc http://user:XXX@
cvlc --http-user 'user' --http-pwd 'XXX'

May be I can not read the manuals properly but to me the instructions from vlc docs is really difficult to interpret into cli commands:

% vlc input_stream --sout "#module1{option1=parameter1{parameter-option1},option

   You may also use the following syntax :
% vlc input_stream --sout-module1-option1=... --sout-module1-option2=... --sout-
module2-option1=... --sout-module2-option2=... ...

   For example, to transcode a stream and send it, use:
% vlc input_stream --sout '#transcode{options}:standard{options}' 

If I have interpreted the manual correctly (so far I came up with 3 or 4 different options), I need module standard, option access=, then item http:, item options user=<user name> and pwd=<password>. All put together should read one of these:

vlc '#standard{access=http:user=admin,pwd=XXX}'
vlc '#standard{access=http:user=admin},http:pwd=XXX}'
vlc --sout-standard-access=http:user=admin

(ok I did not put in the pwd in the last line but vlc did not even pick up the user= as user's name....).

But nothing works and I do not even get anywhere close to putting it right looking at the output produced.

This is really cheeky and noobish but if someone could share a real working sample how that should look like, that would be greatly appreciated.

VERY IMPORTANT - I need a client part of the commands for capturing the stream...

Again, if I read the manual correctly, this part:

http: streams over HTTP. Item options are: user= to enable HTTP basic authentication and set the user, pwd= to set the basic authentication password, mime= to set the mime type returned by the server.

is re the server part.

  • In your first attempt shouldn't it be ?user=admin&pwd=XXX? – Xweque Jul 2 '14 at 14:39
  • yes, thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately in was a typo only here, in CLI it was with the right syntax and still not working... – VDV Jul 2 '14 at 14:47

From the client side just run


Answer 1:

• http: streams over HTTP

via Videolan-streaming-howto

Item options are:
user=<username> to enable HTTP basic authentication and set the user.
pwd=<password> to set the basic authentication password.
mime=<mime type> to set the mime type returned by the server.

Answer 2:

• mplayer

via man mplayer
mplayer is an alternative interface if your willing to try other packages.

With mplayer we have the following syntax available:
mplayer [mms[t]|http|http_proxy|rt[s]p|ftp]:// [user:passwd@]URL[:port] [options]

-user <user name>
Specify user name for http authentication.

-passwd <password>
Specify password for http authentication.

Please do note, I've unfortunately never used these options with mplayer before.

  • thanks for pointing me in this direction - but 'access' seems to be a server module from examples available on Videolan docs page (why auth commands though?????) – VDV Jul 2 '14 at 17:21

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