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I'm on an enterprise LAN (Windows domain and Windows DNS server) and I want to access to another computers on LAN (mostly in https)

On my ubuntu (14.04, fresh install) when I do :

ping my_other_server_on_lan -> it works
ping my_other_server_on_lan.mydomain.local -> it doesn't work

I tried to change some configuration in /etc/resolv.conf but nothing works

How to ping both myserver and myserver.mydomain.local ? I don't understand why when I precise the DNS extension

EDIT : I don't need to access to my computer via the fqdn name it is to access to other servers on the LAN

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set your computer as if it is in the same domain name:

sudo hostname mypc.mydomain.local

replace mypc with your computer name

  • after your solution I'll type hostname--fqdn to see my full hostname. I seems ok but same issue. – Cyberscooty Jul 2 '14 at 12:30

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