On Windows, I use the extra buttons of the Logitech Revolution MX to play/pause media playback, and to control volume (level up/down and mute/unmute.)

I cannot seem to find a way to reproduce this behaviour in Ubuntu 11.04.

Specifically I use the thumb wheel to control volume, and the search button to play/pause music.

The thumb wheel seems to have no function, but some applications register it as a click. The search button launches 'search for files'.

Is it possible to re-map these settings?


Turns out the handy utility btnx Install btnx does the job quite well.

See this Ubuntu Forums thread

It's worth getting both btnx and btnx-config. The latter provides a UI for discovery of mouse buttons, and subsequent configuration.

I managed to achieve the setup I described in the question, minus the play/pause mapping of the search button (this wasn't detected by the btnx-config) by mapping the following key commands:


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