I recently setup Rygel on my laptop to play my media collection from a Raspberry Pi running XBMC. It works well so far, however, I cannot seem to find a way to add any other folder to the index apart from the default home folders for Music, Pictures and Videos. The problem is, most of my media are is a separate partition on my laptop, and I cannot move them over to the home partition because there isn't enough space, So, I'm wondering if there is a way to add other media sources folders to Rygel. Thanks.


you can either install Rygel preferences from the ubuntu software center which is a gui to edit Rygel's directories or edit the file using you favorite text editor the file's location is:

  /home/(your user name)/.config/rygel.conf

and edit/add/delete items in the line

uris=@MUSIC@;/home/rt/Videos/1 tv;

If your folders don't show up you may want too edit the file:

/home/(your user name)/.config/rygel.conf set [Tracker] to false and [MediaExport] to true. See example below

This also fixes a problem with the folder "Files & Folders" not showing up as a choice



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