I've read good things about Backblaze but unfortunately they don't seem to support Linux/Ubuntu.

Is not supporting Linux by Backblaze maybe not providing a nice GUI and it is still possible to use it for backup?


Actually, it seems to be a commercial decision.

See: https://help.backblaze.com/entries/20203476-Is-Backblaze-going-to-offer-Linux-support-


Backblaze have Python command line tool available throug pip to connect with their B2 Cloud Storage, that will work on linux.

Can I use Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage with Linux?

Get the Command-Line Tool

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    -1: Your answer refers to the B2 cloud service while the OP is inquiring about their backup service. Two very different products from the consumer's standpoint. – RoboKaren Nov 23 '16 at 15:31

rclone, which is rsync or the cloud, supports Backblaze B2.

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