When I press Fn+F6 the change in brightness is too big. How can I make it move less than it does now? (Let's say, half that, for example.)

(11.04/Gnome. I'm on proprietary nvidia drivers.)

EDIT: I haven't tried what Rinzwind has written below because , after throwing a cup of coffee on my laptop, my keyboard was destroyed (so i no longer have the FN button that is needed - i'm currently writing from an external one). I have already ordered a new one and i will collect it from the service center tomorrow at noon

  • What is the brand of you system? Dell???
    – Rinzwind
    Jun 26, 2011 at 7:07
  • Chriskin notes below that this is a Fujitsu. Jun 27, 2011 at 1:54
  • have you gotten around to trying Rinzwind's fix yet? Jun 28, 2011 at 17:40
  • yes, i have already given an answer below. short story is , if you are bored to read it : it didn't work :S
    – Chriskin
    Jun 28, 2011 at 20:05

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From bug 207473 "Screen brightness double level changes on Dell laptops".

  • If your problem is an error in hal or acpid you can circumvent it by adding blacklist video in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.

  • Testing can be done by issuing:

    /etc/init.d/acpid stop
    /etc/init.d/hal stop

    If this works 2 programs are changing the brightness level at the same time (thus doubling it) and you should add yourself to the affected people on the bug too (it's old and never got fixed it seems?).

  • should i try it even though my system is not made by Dell? I use a fujitsu lifebook nh570.
    – Chriskin
    Jun 26, 2011 at 13:57
  • 1
    sure! you can always go back by removing the line from the blacklist file. acpid and hal with 'start' starts them up again. Not a lot can go wrong!
    – Rinzwind
    Jun 26, 2011 at 14:02
  • thanks , I'll try it tomorrow because, as i wrote above, i destroyed my laptop's keyboard.
    – Chriskin
    Jun 26, 2011 at 14:04
  • @Rinzwind, the linked bug says the problem is for Dell laptops. Maybe it would be better if he just filed a separate bug report? Jun 27, 2011 at 1:56
  • 1
    It's always better to file 1 more bug than not :) If you do... try using brightness with acpi and hal stopped and post the results on it in the bug.
    – Rinzwind
    Jun 27, 2011 at 6:14

It's not possible, you can confirm it yourself.

Open a terminal and run:

cd /sys/class/backlight/*

To get the current brightness level:

cat brightness

To display the maximum brightness, run:

cat max_brightness

The brightness level can be a value between 0 and the output of max_brightness. To change it to 5, run:

echo 5 | sudo tee brightness

Using these commands, you can confirm that brightness cannot be changes in "percents", just in "levels".

  • 2
    Having tested what you said i found that , when i change my brightness level, it always changes by two. Meaning that the only way to go to brightness level 1 (that i use a lot lately) i have to go to max and then go back from there (11-9-7-5-3-1) Is it supposed to move by two every time? If it is, is there any way to make it move by one?
    – Chriskin
    Jun 16, 2011 at 11:22

Using the commands provided on my answer here, on Gnome Shell (17.10 and above) go to Settings > Devices > Keyboard > Custom shortcuts, clic on the plus button:

enter image description here

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