I downloaded Comodo on 14.04 and it says filesystem not loaded so I went out and found some patches but I dont want to mess around with the kernel so can I use Comodo without the filesystem filter driver, will it work the same way.


Of course you can use it without this options just you'll need to scan manually every time

But there is simple soution:

1) You can get this driver "redirfs,avflt,dazuko -- kernel 3.18 or lower" needed from here:


2) Go to folder where you downloaded the driver:

sudo mv driver.tar /opt/COMODO/driver.tar

3) Then change directory

cd /opt/COMODO

4) Install it sudo ./post_setup.sh (Please be carefull at end of licence you NEED to accept with Y and then you can add email address, and choose Language 8)

5) Restart cmdavd /etc/init.d/cmdavd restart

6) Reboot if must

7) RIGHT CLICK on System Tray icon and click

  1. Antivirus Security Level
  2. On Access


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