I have some audiobooks in my Audiobooks folder (~/Audiobooks). When importing them I follow this process:

  • I click Audiobooks in the left hand pane.
  • I right click on Audiobooks and click 'Import Media...'
  • I choose to import from folders then go into my Audiobooks folder and click 'Import'
  • It imports the audiobooks fine but into Music so I drag and drop them into Audiobooks - this causes them to be in both Music and Audiobooks
  • I delete them from Music in Banshee and from ~/Music (because I use these settings:

    enter image description here

    and Banshee is copying them to ~/Music)

I now have the audiobooks in Audiobooks in the Banshee library and stored in ~/Audiobooks but the audiobooks in Banshee don't play. It seems that Banshee thinks they are still in ~/Music.

How can I fix this problem?


Try unchecking the first option, 'Copy files to media folders when importing'. If my guess is correct, this will ensure that you audiobooks stay where they are after importing.

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