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Have downloaded and installed Lubuntu 14.04 LTS, recently (without persistence) & it works fine, aside from not saving settings.

When I try to download & install the same, with a 1MB set aside for persistence, using the USB creator programs such as UNetbootin, I'm prompted to log-in which I wasn't prompted to do w/ my non-persistence-enabled Live USB.

Plus, after a short time, the following text starts cycling through:


The previous Live USB, I created using one of the Live USB creator programs (without persistence enabled) went straight to the desktop GUI with no log in required.

Even tried the manual method of formatting & partitioning a separate USB listed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence#Setting_Up_Your_USB_Stick I'm assuming I only have to do the partitioning & Creating the "casper-rw" File System parts?

Also tried to use iso on an external HD as outlined here but couldn't find the HD when trying to point to it w/ the pre-installed,"Create live CD" program as shown here: http://www.tuxradar.com/content/how-install-linux-usb-flash-drive#null

The limited USB ports on the netbook are the limiting factor holding me back, I suspect. I have to use a USB splitter device & its not externally powered so the netbook can't see it.

Hardware: Lenovo IdeaPad S10 4333-36U Netbook Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz 1GB DDR2 160GB HDD 10.1" WSVGA Windows XP Home

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Found answer to my question here: Trouble With Persistence After Making a USB Live Thumb Drive Using Pendrivelinux The answer that solved my problem was this one. This method it allows you to start setting persistence at a very low-level. Takes longer to boot, in my case, but it works

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