I am running Ubuntu 14.04 with an Elantech touchpad and have multiple issues.

The worst of all is that the standard "deactivate while typing option" is not working and if I activate syndaemon (syndaemon -i 1 -K -d) as soon as I type and syndaemon deactivates the touchpad, two finger scrolling and touchpad tapping does not work anymore... sometimes the mouse even completely freezes.

Is there anything i can do?

Thank you!


I managed to solve this today, with help of very useful information in the Arch Linux wiki.

Basically, in Ubuntu 14.04 you need to create a copy of an X11 config file and add your scrolling and clicking-by-tapping options.

You can find full instructions in a GitHub repo of mine that I keep for future reference.

The options you're probably interested in are VertTwoFingerScroll, HorizTwoFingerScroll and TapButtonN.

  • Thank you so much ! I've had that issue today, and your approach solved the problem for me : ) May 9 '18 at 15:12
  • I'm glad to hear that, @OlivierBégassat ! Unfortunately, OP hasn't accepted the answer.
    – Esteban
    May 10 '18 at 15:57

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