To assess the remaining reliability of my SSD I would like to know how much was written to an SSD over its lifetime. How can I learn this?

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Run the command smartctl -data -A /dev/sda (replace sda with whichever drive your SSD is.

Depending on which SSD you have, the amount of writes may show as one of the values along with wear indicator or life left information.

  • Thanks! Here's what I get. AFAICT, the number I'm looking for is 'NAND_Writes_1GiB' which shows 6160; which is a bit over 6 TB. My drive is 120 GB Intel 520, which should mean it was written about 50 times on average; not too much. Now, the question is: does automatic wear leveling work? But that's another question. Jun 26, 2014 at 14:14

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