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How do I reset my Unity configuration?

I was happily using Unity when I fiddled around with a setting on CCSM (CCSM -> Window Management -> Static Application Switcher). A confirmation box followed which said that the new setting would override an existing combination (or something like that, not sure). And because I was not sure, I clicked on the close button on the top left instead of "Ignore" or "Override" options.

This resulted in the top panel in Unity to show incorrectly (it did not disappear, but just showed random colours). So then I went to CCSM -> Preferences -> Profiles and Unity was the Profile that was already selected. I clicked on "Reset to Defaults" button just below the profile name.

After this, the whole side bar and the top panel of Unity has disappeared. I restarted the PC and it still did not appear. All I can do is press Ctrl+Alt+Del (that's the only shortcut I know) to restart the PC from Unity.

Any idea on how to restore Unity back to its original beauty?



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As @andrewsomething pointed out in the comments above, the solution lies in this thread: How do I reset my Unity configuration

You can start terminal (by logging into Ubuntu Classic) and type the following:

unity --reset

Then restart and its done, back to where you left it earlier.

If there is also a need to remove all custom favorites from the launcher, one can type:

unity --reset-icons

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