What I want
I have filled a online form for admission. I need to take print of it to a file, but there are certain conditions.

  • There should be no Header or footer
  • Page should be A4 sized.
  • All 4 margins(i.e top, bottom, left and right) should be 0.25

What I tried
While using print to file option in Firefox, I can fulfill first 2 prerequisites but the margin is always 0.5. I went to about:config and changed the advanced settings as


Still I get 0.5 margin while printing.

Then I tried chromium browser. Here too I can fulfill first 2 prerequisites but margin is set to 0.4. I googled but did not find a solution to change it to 0.25

What I ask

So I want you to either provide a way by which I could change the margins to 0.25 in one of the above browsers, or provide some browser where I could fulfill all 3 prerequisites

Of course I use Ubuntu.


For some reason, the problem was fixed by resetting Firefox to it's default state.

  1. Go to Help ->Troubleshooting Information
  2. Select Reset Firefox as shown in Image. enter image description here

  3. Now set the following options(or relative similar options) to desired value.

  4. Now you can print the file.
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