I connected a vpn (wi-free) so i could access some website using a different ip address, but on disconnecting to use my wireless connection back, it only connects and does not browse the internet until i connect with the vpn.

I have uninstalled the vpn but the issue still occurs. I had to install it back so i can browse the internet.

Please does anyone know how i can get internet access back with just my wireless?


Your VPN-CLient might set the default route to the VPN-connection.

In Windows you can address this issue by unchecking "Use remote network as default gateway" in "Advanced Settings for IPv4" and in Linux the following command will add the default gateway:

sudo route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx dev ethx

You'll have to exchange the x's with the appropriate numbers, the IP of your router and the NIC you use for internet so maybe eth0.

Hope it could help.

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