I have C++ code with more than 10,000 lines. I am looking for something which stores some lines. Like bookmarking some lines or some functions in order to facilitate access to them.

For example, a list which contains bookmark lines or functions.


This is the normal way to create bookmarks in Geany:


Geany provides a handy bookmarking feature that lets you mark one or more lines in a document, and return the cursor to them using a key combination.

To place a mark on a line, either left-mouse-click in the left margin of the editor window, or else use Ctrl-m. This will produce a small green plus symbol in the margin. You can have as many marks in a document as you like. Click again (or use Ctrl-m again) to remove the bookmark. To remove all the marks in a given document, use "Remove Markers" in the Document menu.

To navigate down your document, jumping from one mark to the next, use Ctrl-. (control period). To go in the opposite direction on the page, use Ctrl-, (control comma). Using the bookmarking feature together with the commands to switch from one editor tab to another (Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn and Ctrl-Tab) provides a particularly fast way to navigate around multiple files.


To add a list of these bookmarks, you have to install the Geany plugin "Addons":

sudo apt-get install geany-plugin-addons

To remember the bookmarks at each file load, the plugin "Numbered Booksmarks" is required:

sudo apt-get install geany-plugin-numberedbookmarks

(You have to save the file if you want save the bookmarks.)

After the installation, enable the plugin to load at startup:

Enter image description here

Next step: Activate the bookmarklist -

Enter image description here

Bookmarklist example:

Enter image description here

  • Yes, it is pretty terrible that Geany does not remember the normal bookmarks by default. To set a numbered bookmark (numbered bookmarks are independent of the normal bookmarks), use Ctrl + Shift + number (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + 4 to set numbered bookmark "4" - appears as a yellow "4" in the margin) and Ctrl + number to jump to a particular numbered bookmark (e.g. Ctrl + 4) – Peter Mortensen Mar 29 '20 at 17:04
  • If you don't need the sidebar list, then you don't need the Addons plugin. – Humpity Oct 23 '20 at 15:47

As a recent and enthusiastic adopter of Geany (migrating from Windows/Notepad++, which I think Geany already beats!), who has been dealing a lot with bookmarks, I have some additions/caveats to the existing answer - for the benefit of people who arrive from a search engine, since this thread is quite high up the list. These are in relation to the two plugins it mentions and I think important to note:

  1. Bookmarks Sidebar does not update when bookmarked lines are moved up or down, using the current version of Addons. I reported this as a bug - and the response from the Geany team was immediate, so there's already a pull on SourceForge - which I've compiled and can confirm fixes it flawlessly. :-) I assume this'll be in the next release.

  2. The Numbered Bookmarks plugin, to save changed bookmarks/folds, requires the source file be saved - so if we've finished typing, saved, then change bookmarks/folds - we must re-save, which requires enabling Preferences/Various/allow_always_save (allow saving files not marked changed), or make 'dummy' edit to re-save. I am trying to log a FR to have bookmarks/folds auto-saved, or - maybe better (if not bad design/UX) - mark the file changed so we can see and choose whether to save them.

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