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I am planning to replace Windows XP based 100 odd desktops with Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 32bit on my clients branches across the country. At my home location I would deploy it manually as I have team to do the stuff. But my clients branches dont have technical support personal. Desktops are in warranty so manufacturer takes care of any issues rest is handled remotely.

I wish to install a customized copy of ubuntu 12.04 with few select packages and external softwares in unattended mode via a usb or dvd rom sent to the branch offices. Wherein they will insert the dvd or usb and start the installation and they will get a ready made system. I will also send them a process document of how to assign IP address to the system so that I can take remote control and do rest of the things remaining.

I would like to know if this is possible in first place? I am checking Uck right now. Hope that helps.

Thanks in advance.

To an extent this is a duplicate question, the answers of the previous questions do satisfy my query of customizing the installer CD/USB but I am not able to get the preseeding stuff clearly from it. Especially if I have to include preseeding in my installer DVD/CD.

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You can use preseeding to manage this. The example preseed file contains most settings available along with comments describing their use. You can use local mirrors. The official documentation on the matter is detailed enough that I'm not sure if I should go about rewriting it here.

  • Yes Going through preseeding documents. Thanks. – SarveshM Jun 22 '14 at 11:29

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