From this answer, I managed to lower the problem concerning "Focus & Raise Behaviour" = "Very High", by using the "opacity, brightness and saturation" plugin setting "any" window to 95% opacity.

The problem is, it also matches xscreensaver, and this wont work here:

(any) & !(class=xscreensaver-demo | class=xscreensaver | class=Xscreensaver-demo | class=Xscreensaver)

So when it activates, I can see my desktop windows thru the xscreensaver!!! what I do now?

I tried to track xscreensaver window class using xprop but "the window" (is it a window?) cant be found by xdotool after I get the pid of xscreensaver or its child (the actual running screensaver) and try to find its window id as that cant be found...

  • Try name=xscreensaver – totti Jun 21 '14 at 6:05
  • @totti so simple and is now fixed, thx! but I cant mark as solved unless it is put as an answer! – Aquarius Power Jun 21 '14 at 6:33


(any) & !(name=xscreensaver)

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