I would like to have it configured so that a single click opens my folders and documents from the dash. Currently, when I single click a document or folder, it opens up some in-dash preview dialog box, forcing me to either click "open in folder" or to double-click the object to open it.

Is there any way to disable the preview option? Running Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit w/ Unity 7.



Found a nice article

Run the command dconf-editor. Navigate to com - canonical - unity and untick double-click-activate.

Now it will open it immediately.


Tim's answer should serve the way you want it. Also, it might be faster to use the Return key instead of first typing what you want and then using the mouse to click over the desired icon.

First type the name of the required application / folder and then use the navigations keys to choose and Return to open the application / folder. Of course, this will only be helpful when the list of returned results has few icons; otherwise it is better to use a mouse to open.


As mentioned here input this into the terminal.

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity double-click-activate false

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