I have recently installed StackApplet Install stackapplet and I want to add my account to it. However, I can't do so as I am unable to select a site properly. See this screenshot:

screenshot of a site not being selected.

When I press on the option Site nothing appears. Instead, a blank dock appears displaying nothing. Clicking on the dock causes it to disappear.


This is a bug that was fixed literally an hour ago. Assuming you are using the PPA as described in this question, you will need to simply wait a few hours for the new version to be published to the PPA.

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    Same problem in Ubuntu 14.10, on version: 1.5.2-1
    – gozzilli
    Feb 23 '15 at 16:43
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    It is still nor working on 15.04 check it out this @NathanOsman
    – Freddy
    May 4 '15 at 7:31

The problem still resides in the code as I am writing this. A quick check shows the core of the problem you (and I) are experiencing: stackapplet is failing to authorize via the following URL:

http://stackauth.com/1.0/sites?key=_qlxmEAOH06hLA1_FsZIGQ&jsonp=jQuery1 … 4&_=1 …

The call results in a 404 - Not Found.

Until @nathan-osman (the author) fixes this, or someone else steps in to do the job, there is little hope in being able to use StackApplet.

For informational purposes, here’s a screenshot showing the 404…

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