On a Kubuntu 12.04, I want to use an LDAP Server as Data-Source in LibreO, but i cannot find it in the list of possible connections. There is only: JDBC, OracleJDBC, Thunderbird/Icedove Address Book, tabledocument, dBASE, text, MySQL and ODBC.

I had installed Libre Office from this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/libreoffice-4-2 .

now, i used ppa-purge to remove the 4.2-version and reinstalled the libreoffice Build-ID: 350m1(Build:2) from the ubuntu-repository. And in this version, theres also no LDAP-Connection possible.

But in the libreoffice help-files, it is listed as an option.

Can somebody please help me by telling me which version i have to install or how i have to install it. Do i have to use the source-code, configure it with a specific parameter and compile it?

I would like to avoid compiling it. But I would compile it, if it's unavoidable. :-)

Thanks for any help. -messedupcoffeekid

P.S: @ tohuwawohu: thanks for answering. You are right. That was an understanding-mistake of mine. But still that function to connect to a LDAP-Server as Data-Source exists besides JDBC etc., it is listet in the libreOffice-Help-Files.

Edit.: I've found a tutorial (http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/xsoft/libreoffice.html) (for gentoo) for compiling libreoffice. Before compiling, you can use the autogen.sh to configure the program. And there is an option --with-system-openldap. As desciption i found: (If i understand correct) if that parameter is added to the autogen.sh, the libreoffice will be using a version of OpenLDAP, alreday installed on the system instead of downloading a new one. Why is libreoffice using OpenLDAP anyways? Is it the same as with the libldap, or is it a hint, that it may work with a compiled version to use Adressbooks etc. from LDAP-Servers?

EDIT2: Well, as I unterstand now, it would at least work, if I add the respective LDAP-Server within Evolution and use EvolutionLDAP within libreoffice as database-choice.

And i found out, that i had to install the .deb-package from the official libreoffice website instead of using the PPA for the availability of the evolution-LDAP-database-connection.

I will test an LDAP-Server this way soon and I will mark this thread as solved if it will work.


  • i've edited my answer (but sadly still no solution...)
    – tohuwawohu
    Jun 18, 2014 at 15:17

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Installing libldap just allows to access data from an ldap server related to the LibreOffice user. This isn't the same as an ldap server as data source. It may work using an LDAP JDBC driver, but i wasn't able to find a working example for this.

EDIT: built-in LDAP support is a os-dependent feature, at least since LO 4.0; see LO bug 57417. It may be possible to access ldap data using a evolution / thunderbird address book as "proxy" (since Evolution / Thunderbird are able to access an ldap server as address source), but sadly i can't give further advice on this.

  • thank you tohuwawohu! a sad thing, with that bug. i added another question about this above. Jun 19, 2014 at 17:04

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