I'm trying to sync a Hotmail/Windows Live/MSN email account to Evolution - however I'm unable to do so with both POP and IMAP. If I understand correctly this is because Microsoft blocks all email clients other than Outlook. Is there a way around this?


After a lot of hunting through old threads on the forums. I was mistaken that POP is disabled for all non-Microsoft clients. Here are the settings that worked for me.

In Evolution go to Edit -> Preferences. Choose your MSN/Live email account and select "Edit".

Receiving Settings

  • Server Type: POP
  • Server: pop3.live.com:995
  • Username: Windows Live Email Address
  • Use SSL Connection: SSL encryption
  • Authentication Type: Password

Sending Settings

  • Server Type: SMTP
  • Server: smtp.live.com:587
  • Use Secure Connection: TLS Encryption
  • Server Requires Authentication
  • Authentication: Plain
  • Username: Windows Live Email Address

As a side note. When you try to send mail for the first time it will fail. You will get an email from Windows with a link to confirm you are a person and enable this functionality. After that you can Send as expected.

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Hotmail does indeed support POP3:


The details for connecting are also included in the article.

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