I use gnome-terminal in combination with irssi and I am wondering if there's anything like .bash_history logfile for irssi, that can be used/implemented/set up, that enables one to retrieve previously typed commands, like /server xxx, /j #channel etc.. also in a later anew started session, by using gnome-terminals standard key-shortcuts like and .

It is really troublesome to repeatedly type all the commands again and again while not being connected to any /server the next day, so any help here is much appreciated. --Thank you!!

Edit: When I am prompted to connect to any /server of my choice, I would like to use the key-shortcut prior mention, that then brings up my previous choices of connected servers/commands, like /server irc.blah01.com, /server irc.blah02.com, /server irc.blah03.com etc.. I simply can then skip through and confirm with Enter instead of typing the exact command and server address again and again. (I know about the auto-connect function, but I prefer the other option, if it is one).

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The history_search.pl script from irssi.org in combination with Ctrl+R worked quite nicely in the end!

How to use it:

  1. First do: /bind ^R /history_search.
  2. Then type Ctrl+R and type what you're searching for.
  3. Optionally, you can bind something to /history_search -forward to go forward in the results.

Possibly - I'm not certain what you are asking. Press Ctrl+r and type the start of the command, and it should appear there. You can then use the arrow keys to edit it.

  • Thank you for your answer Tim. It doesn't work with the provided command. I'll have to invest more time to find the answer. Just though someone can provide a quick solution.
    – v2r
    Jun 16, 2014 at 13:40

Why not try to read up on this

From memory, there is a "$HOME/.irssi/" directory which you will find config files in, and may create new... on your own.

I had it set up to do /server ... wait a bit, set nick, then join a specific channel - as it was started.

  • Thanks for your answer Hannu and I edited my question. I'll do some reading then.
    – v2r
    Jun 16, 2014 at 13:38

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