I've just installed Ubuntu 14.04(Ubuntu only no windows) and I'm not able to do a normal boot, screen freezes. I have to go to recovery mode and then "resume normal boot" to start Ubuntu. That would not be a big problem but I suspect that resuming normal boot after booting in recovery mode causes the interface to be very slow and laggy. When resuming normal boot, Ubuntu warns that "some graphic drivers require a full graphical boot and so will fail when resuming from recovery." So that's why I'm assuming this is the cause of the interface being slow.

I already tried "nomodeset" that I read in other questions but that did nothing.

Specs: Intel® Atom™ N470 (1.83GHz) Intel® NM10 Express Chipset Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150

SO do I have to install specific drivers for this video card?

Could it be that the lack of a proper driver is preventing Ubuntu from booting?


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